Buffet dinner cruise on Saigon river

Boarding time: 18:00 - 19:30
Cruising time: 19:45 - 21:15
Cruises boards from: Sai Gon Port, Number 05 Nguyen Tat Thanh St, Ward 12, Dist 4, HCMC, Viet Nam.
The buffet starts at 19h00


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"Please refer to the buffet menu here, Guests can choose the dishes suitable for their taste and dietary requirements in the buffet"
1. Salad rau củ (Vegetables salad)
2. Salad dầu giấm (Salad with vinegar)
3. Salad cá với sốt Mayonaise (Fish Salad with Mayonaise Sauce)
4. Gỏi ngó sen tôm thịt (Lotus salad with shrimp and pork)
5. Gỏi ngũ sắc hải sản (Colorful Salad with seafood)
6. Súp hải sản rong biển (Seafood soup with seaweed)
7. Súp cua với nấm kim châm trứng cút (Crap soup with enoki mushroom and quail egg)
8. Gỏi cuốn tôm thịt (Fresh spring rolls with shrimp and pork)
9. Cuốn tươi "trứng, giò lụa, salad" (Rolled rice pancake/ Stuffer pancake with egg, ham, salad)
10. Chả giò hải sản (Spring rolls with seafood)
11. Chả giò rế tôm (Spring rolls with deep-fried pancake and shrimp)
12. Mực chiên xù (Deep fried squid)
13. Chạo tôm quấn mía (Pasted shrimp on sugar can)
14. Bánh mì cuộn cá chiên (Fried fish in bread - rolls)
15. Chả cá tẩm cốm chiên (Fried grilled fish with green rice flakes)
16. Rau củ Tempura (Tempura vegetables)
(khoai lang, đậu bắp, bông thiên lý, tần ô  => Sweet potato, okra, telosma cordata, tungho)
17. Đậu hủ non chiên xù (Deep fried soft tofu)
18. Tôm rang me (Sauteed shrimp with tamarind sauce)
19. Tôm xiên nướng (Grilled shrimp skewer)
20. Gà nướng muối ớt (Roasted chicken with chili salt)
21. Xôi chiên (Fried sticky rice)
22. Heo xiên nướng (Grilled pork skewer)
23. Bò lụi nướng (Grilled beef skewer)
24. Xúc xích nướng (Grilled Sausage)
25. Sò điệp nướng sốt tiêu (Grilled scallops with pepper sauce)
26. Sò dẹo nướng mỡ hành (Grilled anadara antiquate with green onion)
27. Nghêu hấp thái (Steamed Clams with Thai style)
28. Sườn heo nấu nấm (Cooked pork rip with mushroom)
29. Bò nấu tiêu xanh (Cook beef with green pepper)
30. Cơm chiên Dương Châu (Yang Zhou fried rice)
31. Mì Ý sốt thịt bò bằm (Pasta with Bolognese sauce)
32. Mì xào hải sản (Sautéed noodle with seafood)
33. Chè sen (Sweet soup with lotus seeds)
34. Bánh bông lan chà bông trứng muối (Salted egg yolks cake)
35. Bánh Su kem (Cream puff)
36. Trái cây (Fruits)
Dessert: (nhãn, chuối, quýt, bưởi, dưa hấu => longan, banana, mandarin, grapefruit, watermelon).

Ticket Price: 22

    Dinner cruise on Saigon river will bring to you a high-class quality, luxurious, truly different experiences and memories about an energetically modern Ho Chi Minh City during the day as well as a sparklingly magnificent at night from Saigon river. Do not miss amazing shows, great foods, and nice view of Saigon. The cruise start to cruise along the Saigon river, during this time, enjoy the musical performance by local artists and singers, whilst witness the beauty of the city at night through the river side’s view and have a lovely dinner cruise served.
    Dinner cruise tour on Saigon river, you may be able to relax on the upper deck and enjoy the panoramic view of the city lights  while enjoy dinner cruise along the Saigon river and enjoy sensational gastronomic moments on one of the most authentic vessels on the Saigon river.
    18h00 - 19h30: Passengers board at the Indochina Queen pier at 05 Nguyen Tat Thanh, District 4. (Note: The buffet starts at 19h00).
    19h45: The ship starts to leave the port, moving along the Saigon river. At this time, you also begin to enjoy your buffet dinner. While you have a meal, the band will perform live music and dance.
    21h15: Ship docking. End of the Saigon dinner cruise and enjoy dinner on boat.
    Thank you for searching the buffet dinner cruise on Saigon river. We are honored to serve you.
    For any questions about dinner and cruise along Saigon river. Please do not hesitate to contact us via phone number and email:
    Telephone : (+84 28) 38279179 - (+84 28) 38279192 - (+84 28) 38272653
    Hotline/Zalo : (+84 28) 936010331 - (+84 28) 966892065
    Email : info@namtrip.com - sales@namtrip.com
    Website :

What's Included:
- Buffet dinner
- Live bands and singers
- Boat ticket.

What's Not Included:
- Pick up and drop off. (You can book private transportation (taxi/grap car) from your hotel to the docking pier. It is about 1 - 2 km).
- Other kinds of beverage.

Please note that ticket is isued, it is not able to change, or cancel or refund. If you are late for boarding time, your ticket will be voided.

Boarding Time: 18:00 - 19:30
Cruising time: 19:45 - 21:15
Cruises boards from: Sai Gon Port, Number 05 Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, Ward 12, District 4, HCMC, Vietnam.

Children Policy:
- Children above 9 yrs old are considered as adults.
- Children above 4 yrs old up to 9 yrs old - 50% on adult rate.
- Children under 4 yrs old – Free of Charge.
- Maximum of 2 children FOC per reservation. Additional children will be charged children rate (50% on adult rate).