Ben Nghe Dinner Cruise

Dinner cruise on Saigon river Ben Nghe restaurant ship

Dinner cruise on Saigon river Ben Nghe restaurant ship

Boarding time: 18:00 - 19:45
Cruising time: 20:00 - 21:00
Cruises boards from: Sai Gon Port, Number 05 Nguyen Tat Thanh St, Ward 12, Dist 4, HCMC, Viet Nam.

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Dinner cruise on Saigon river with Ben Nghe Cruise is one of the best way to discover Saigon by night while enjoying delicious food.
Enjoy views of the Saigon skyline from the peace and calm of the Saigon river while enjoying a dinner of classic Vietnamese an International dishes. See the bright lights of the city before cruising up the river and experience Saigon from a different perspective.
With Saigon dinner on cruise, one of some Ho Chi Minh city’s attractions, you can relax in romantic, luxury atmosphere and admiring Ho Chi Minh city by night while tasting delicious meal.
Enjoy a special dinner on the Saigon river and experience the vibrant city from this spacious floating restaurant while taking in views of the Saigon riverbank, across the Dragon Harbor, you will have a chance to discover all the things that you will never be discovered if you are not on the cruise, with an open view from 2 sides of the ship, you can fully enjoy Ho Chi Minh City night sky and the bustling river lives.
Ho Chi Minh City’s romantic lights. The river’s gentle breeze caressing your skin. Relaxing and unique music. Comfort and luxury atmosphere. Peace far away the metropolis’s bustle. A delicious dinner.
Spend romantic evening time to enjoy a special dinner on boat while the cruise setting sail on the Saigon River.
Traditional music and dance performance is a worth to wait part of the night making everything even more memorable.
Relax yourself among the amazingly beautiful views and scenery of Saigon nightlife.
Anyone who visits Ho Chi Minh must not miss this dinner cruise experience with Tau Ben Nghe. You will enjoyed a lot and was very satisfied with the food.
Tau Ben Nghe serve many European and Asian dishes rich are processed by the professional chefs. It is not just a way to enjoy your new style cuisine but also a relaxation address on the Saigon River. This is a type of cuisine it brings a new feel and fun.
Night time, the Restaurants are all lit up with neon lights shimmering in the night sky and reflecting their lights in the water. What a beautiful sight to behold ! This Floating Restaurant has three levels. Every level has a live band to entertain customers. The waiters and slim, slender waitresses garbed in their traditional costumes added pomp to the beautiful ambience.
The Restaurant serves Western, Chinese and Vietnamese food. We had a good time to dine and enjoy the sight seeing on the cruise which you can see the city side from Saigon river.
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